Friday, February 4, 2011

First journalist death takes toll to 11 in Egypt

Death toll at 11 , 5000+ injured in Egypt

With only 11 official deaths , you might think that the revolution underway in Egypt is a relative success.

Some sources cite the death toll at over 100 ; Egypt death toll passes 100

So who do we believe?  The official or unofficial numbers?  Egypts regime has a reason to maintain an image of control.  It would be great if the deaths numbered zero , yet idiots abound and that seems an unreasonable expectation.  I applaud these people for standing up and demanding what their heart tells them is right.


  1. This is exactly what the world needs. We've become too docile.

  2. its really something whats going on over there hope things get better soon

  3. We gotta fight. We gotta stand up and fight.